The first step to your first sweat

You were born a warrior. We have what it takes to make you a legend.

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Come early to meet the family

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of every session with us. Five minutes before your class starts your coach will be there to show you around and talk you through the three elements of the workout.
All you need to do is bring your heart, we’ll make it beat.

Train your way, every time.

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Choose a shake.
We’ve got your refuel on pre-order

Your tasty and nutritious protein shake will be waiting for you after the workout. Choose it before your workout. Grab it after.


Sweat like
never before

Challenge muscles you never knew you had.

45 minute group HIIT classes

TRI training system: Treadmills, Resistance, Intensity

Full Body workout (soul included)

Instructor-led training

Heart-rate and performance tracking

Specially-created playlists and custom lighting

Guaranteed results

Cool down with a chilled scented face towel

Before hitting the showers, take a few minutes to cool-down. Our lavender-scented face towels are the perfect reward for a workout well done.


Celebrate achievement.
You earned it

We work together, sweat together and achieve together.

Capture the moment.
Hit the wall.

Every first session should be an unforgettable moment. All first-timers get their polaroid taken and posted on the First Sweat Wall. Hitting the wall never felt so good.

Rinse down and pamper up.
Go for the glow.

Our epic changing rooms are designed to help you cool off and feel great. Every studio carries complimentary toiletries so you can pamper yourself post-workout.

Grab your shake.
Get to know the family.

The shake you chose moments before the workout will be waiting for you in our Mixology bar once you’re done. Relax, recover and regroup with your fellow workout warriors.


Ready to start?

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