New Brand Photoshoot
The Making of

by adminMNRQ • 20th joulukuu 2019

Take a look at the Making of our new Brand Photoshoot.

Mixology Bar: Why you should refuel

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

So you’ve still not tried one of the best shakes in town yet at TRIB3? You can’t decide whether to have a delicious shake after you’ve just burnt those precious calories off? Let team TRIB3 help you decide: The food you eat after cardio exercise is just as important as the exercise itself, and reaching for […]

Shake up your wakeup

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

NEW BREAKFAST SHAKES AT TRIB3Do you struggle to eat first thing in the morning? or rushing straight off to work? Try a TRIB3 breakfast in a bottle. Served either in a takeaway cup or in a bottle for you to dash off to work. It’s easy! Order on arrival & we will do the rest. […]

How to stay motivated during Winter

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

Winter is here…dark nights..dark mornings..freezing temperatures ..getting out of bed in the morning becomes a real struggle, working out becomes lower on your priority list. Let’s face it walking to the gym in the morning in the pitch black isn’t fun. But c’mon we aren’t going to let winter mess up our workouts! Here a […]

Ten Gym Bag Essentials

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

Having a busy schedule means fitting in work, a workout and accepting a dinner invite can be tricky.By being organised with what you pack in your gym bag means you can fit everything in your day! Here are my top ten gym bag essentials. Gym bag … Hand on heart I am very fashion conscious […]

Exercising: why it makes us happier!

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

We all know exercising is good for us. Its keep our body strong, keeps us at a healthy weight, keeps us mobile going into old age. But did you know exercising can also make us happier? There is no denying that after a HIIT session, run, walk in the park we experience a high …the post-workout high.  […]

Protein: How much do we really need?

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

How Much Protein? What is protein? How much protein do we need? Where do we get protein? A lot of people have so many questions surrounding protein – but what are the facts?  What is protein and where do we get it? Protein compromises about 15% of the body weight of an inactive person and […]

Want To Run Faster & Injury Free?

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

Want to Run Faster and Injury Free?Let’s start by putting one foot in front of the other….Each time your foot hits the ground when you run, your body needs to absorb 3-4 times its own weight. This impact creates an equal and opposite force that is generated and dispersed through the body – most commonly […]

Post HIIT Flow Cool Down

by adminMNRQ • 30th marraskuu 2019

Introducing the Post HIIT Flow Cool DownOur blend of flow yoga stretching and deep breathing is designed to restore heart rate, breathing rate and temperature back to resting. A TRIB3 workout is probably the toughest session you have EVER done. 45 minutes with heart rate in excess of 80%, elevating breathing rate and core temperature. […]